Costa Rica Rattled By Earthquake?

Pacific Coast Shaken, Not Stirred

Costa Rica EarthquakesA 5.4 magnitude tremor was felt along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica yesterday, resulting in little damage to the this beautiful region of Costa Rica.

With no physical injuries reported, items off of store shelves falling and cracks in walls seemed to be the only victims of this tremor which was felt in the early afternoon. Tourists in local towns such as Santa Teresa seemed to be the most concerned, leaving shops quickly and seeking shelter in the event of something big happening.

Earthquake Fault Line Remains Active

The Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica was able to record additional smaller tremors (less than magnitude 4) in the same area within 30 minutes of the original larger tremor. The epicenter was identified to be at the entrance to the Gulf of Nicoya. This region experienced a large tremor in 1990 that resulted in a magnitude 7.0 tremor.  This area lies on a fault that has been created by the grinding of the Cocos plate underneath the Caribbean plate, creating a tremor hot-spot, resulting in frequent activity.

Since witnessing the devastation of the earthquake in Japan earlier this year, it appears the graphic images of death and destruction and what can occur in an earthquake remains quite vivid for the world. Luckily this tremor proved to be just a bit of shaking and caused no serious stirring in Costa Rica!


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