Costa Rica Rain Won’t Go Away?

Costa Rica Weather Worrying

Costa Rica RainMother nature won’t catch Costa Rica and her fellow Central American countries a break with torrential rains covering most of the region. Hardest hit were Guatemala reporting 35 deaths and El Salvador with a reported 32 deaths. The Costa Rica rain was attributed to 5 deaths due to drowning in swollen rivers.

Countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua and El Salvador have declared national states of emergency. In Guanacaste, residents are being relocated to shelters where the rains appear to be doing the greatest damage.

In addition to loss of life, the rains have caused severe damage to homes, roads and crops in the Central American region. For many, the economic loss will be a high price to pay with their dependence on exported goods. In the Guanacaste region, fields of sugar cane and rice were water logged. Farmers were evacuating animals to ensure their safety.

Costa Rica Rainy Season Downer

Hardest hit in Costa Rica were the roads, specifically the Caldera Highway connecting San Jose to the Pacific port of Caldera. Closures throughout the week were atributed to mudslides between Orotina and the town of Atenas. This section of the highway has had its share of issues since it was opened in 2009, with construction flaws leading to closures. The cement cannot hold the pressure of the mudslides, resulting in severe damage to the roads.

Most serious was a landslide on the Inter-American highway which runs from the northern border with Nicaragua to the Panama border. At the Casa Mata region, a large portion of the road caved in, taking with it a car and it’s  passengers. Luckily, everyone walked away unhurt.


Known to be the wettest month of the “winter” season October is proving to be a challenge in terms of Costa Rica weather. A break is expected soon as the warmer temperatures and summer season rolls into Costa Rica. Although not abnormal, the Costa Rica rain wants to leave an impression!


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