September Costa Rica Volcano Party?

Volcano Activity in September On The Rise

Costa Rica Rincon de la ViejaThere are three well known volcanoes in Costa Rica, the active Arenal, the Poas and the Turrialba. The newcomer on the activity scene is the Rincon de la Vieja which was pretty active in September, putting this composite volcano on the map of Costa Rica.

Formed by layers of rock and lava (composite construction), this volcano last erupted in between 1995-1998 with tremors reported in 2008.  What is interesting about this volcano is that in the month of September of this year, the Rincon de la Vieja produced phreatic eruptions, or in layman’s terms, an explosion of steam, ash and rock which is caused when the hot molten rock of the volcano comes in contact with the water.  This was observed through the small lake at the summit crater. The recent activity has resulted in limited access to the Ricon de la Vieja and the government has set up a new seismometer just north of the volcano.


Costa Rica Volcano Treasures

Updating the status of the other volcanoes, Arenal has remained pretty quiet attracting visitors and leaving them with continued lasting impressions. This volcanoes activity has been the poster child for Costa Rica’s tourism and its spectacular appearance at night with it’s molten lava show is an unforgettable image for those visiting Costa Rica.  Turrialba has shown some activity, producing light ash which can be seen falling near the volcano. Poas has seen some physical changes, with the crater lake at its summit dried up, due to the elevated temperatures at the summits fumaroles (openings which release the steam).

A vacation to Costa Rica cannot be complete without visiting at least one of these wonders of the earth. Tours are available for visitors to all three of these volcanoes. The Turrialba volcano webcam is currently not available but a scan of the web shows a variety of webcams that are available to view volcano activity. Although not up to date, webcams such as http://www.ovsicori.una.ac.cr/vulcanologia/videoarenal.html can provide those who are interested in volcano activity but can’t get away on a Costa Rica vacation the chance to see what’s going in the the volcano community!


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