Costa Rica Hotel Hosts Turtles

Ostional Turtles Costa RicaThe Ostional Turtle Lodge is the perfect spot for those traveling to Costa Rica who appreciate nature and it’s beauty. The Ostional Turtle Lodge http://surfingostional.com is a Costa Rica hotel unlike any other, as it has special visitors – the nesting of the Olive Ridley sea turtle.

Located in the heart of Ostional, this small eco-friendly lodge set amongst the mangroves features air conditioned rooms, hot water, WiFi. In addition to the special guests, the area is surrounded by howler monkeys, iguanas, porcupines, possums and tropical birds.


The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is located 50 kms from the lodge and this is were visitors have a chance to witness a spectacular natural phenomenon, the mass arrivals or “arribadas” of hundreds, sometimes thousands of sea turtles that migrate to a certain area of the beach to dig their eggs into the sand. This phenomenon has been linked to the last quarter moon cycle, where the tide is low and the eggs have a chance to hatch.

The regions conservation plan allows the people of Ostional to harvest some of the early laying which have the potential to get damaged with the mass onslaught of turtles. The eggs themselves are considered to be an aphrodisiac…

The region is also a great place to surf, with great barrel waves to test your skills. Ostional boasts a very long beach with surf conditions quite consistent anywhere along the beach. During the egg laying, surfing is not permitted to prevent any disruption of the process.



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