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Costa Rica Cup of ExcellenceWhat country celebrates coffee? Why yes it’s Costa Rica who last Friday hosted a festival in honor of National Coffee Day! Welcoming farmers and the public, the Arigculture and Livestock Ministry and the Costa Rican Coffee Institute paid homage to the bean and the very important industry of coffee.

This year’s Cup of Excellence was awarded to Luis Calderon owner of La Finca Estrella for the highest quality of coffee produced in Costa Rica. Chosen from 9 competing countries, the Cup of Excellence is award by national and international cuppers with the winner being permitted to sell his winning coffee through an auction to the international community. This is not only prestigious but financially lucrative as various international countries out bid each other to purchase the finest caliber of coffee. This year Japan was the highest bidder, outbidding Taiwan and South Korea.

Mr Calderon has been producing coffee over 30 years in his family run business. Scoring 90.38 points (out of 100) La Finca Estrella Coffee provides a perfect combination of aroma and body. As an important industry to Costa Rica and demand for quality from the international community continues, Costa Rica is proud to be the shining star in the coffee industry. For more information on the event, visit http://www.cravenscoffee.com/blog/?tag=costa-rica for an account by one of the cuppers who judged this year’s competition.


The coffee industry is important to the economy of Costa Rica. With demands for quality and with producers such as La Finca Estrella continued support of the industry is important. Promotion of coffee by the Costa Rican government will continue this industry for years to come. Events such as National Coffee Day ensures that the Costa Rican community is aware of the importance of coffee in their lives as well. The festival in celebration of this important industry was also a great place to have a cupper….. or if the mood so desired you…making an investment in a pair of coffee bean earrings!


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