Costa Rica Participates in Amazing Race

Costa Rica Amazing Race LatinoamericaThe new season of the Amazing Race Latinoamerica  http://www.tudiscovery.com/race/ premiers on September 25, 2011 with participation for the first time by Costa Rica. Dentists and romantic couple, Marisol Ortiz and Jose Varela will represent Costa Rica in the third season of the adventure show based on the American series, The Amazing Race, http://www.cbs.com/shows/amazing_race/

The Latin American version of the show was announced by the Discovery Channel in association with Disney in 2008. Today the adventure program is produced by Space in conjunction with the Disney and now referred to as Amazing Race Latinoamerica.


Hosted by Guatemalan born journalist Harris Whitbeck,  international correspondent for CNN based in Mexico City and covering news in Latin America, is host of the show, the Latin American show is based on the very successful CBS series, The Amazing Race. The Latin American version of the successful Amazing Race franchise is the first of it’s kind to be based on the Spanish language. Combining physical and mental challenges while racing around Latin America contestants compete to win the ultimate $250,000 prize.

For the Costa Rica couple, one of 11 couples who will embark on the adventure of a lifetime from Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 25, 2011, this dentist couple who are also romantically involved have prepared mentally and physically for the challenges that lie ahead.

Their enjoyment of the outdoors has provided this couple with the endurance to tackel the physical portion of the Amazing Race challenges. In addition, this couple has taken to the gym as added reinforcement to what may lie ahead.  What may be unfamiliar to these Costa Rican participants will be the food challenges, eating different types of things in large quantities, something that is difficult to prepare for.

Marisol and Jose believe the competition is about being cunning, thinking smart and using your intelligence. 50% of the competition is mental, the rest is physical and this couple is ready for anything.

To find out more about the upcoming season, visit http://www.tudiscovery.com/race/ . Don’t forget to tune in on September 25, 2011. Costa Rica is proud of their contestants Marisol Ortiz and Jose Varela who are the first Costa Ricans to compete in a reality adventure show! Congratulations to this Costa Rica couple. Make us proud!


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About the Author: Tee is Senior Editor of CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com and NBC's adventure dating series fans magazine LoveInTheWildFansMag.com, as well ascontributing editor to QRCodesUSA.org

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