Costa Rica Continues to Mourn for Fidel Gamboa

Fidel Gamboa Costa Rica MalpaisCosta Rica is still in shock over the unexpected death of one of their national treasures, Fidel Gamboa, founder of the group Malpais who passed away earlier this week.

Founded in and around the year 2000, together with his brother Jaime Gamboa, Fidel Gamboa, the two along with with the other founding members Ivan Rodriquez, Carlos “Ivan” Vargas and Manuel Obregon recorded several tracks but were nameless. The search for a name for the group ended in the ideal name, Malpais, http://www.grupomalpais.com/ the genesis of which came from the beach region of the Nicoya Pennisula bearing the same name. The name reflected a variety of images of the band. It was a name that Costa Ricans were familiar with, it was intriguing to those who did not know the area and it stood for and the word had a twist to it, although Malpais is a beautiful beach area, the name denotes the opposite. With a name and the release of their first album in 2002, ONE, the rest as they say is history.

Fidel Gamboa Leaves Mark with Malpais

Considered a bit of a mature group… the members were not youngsters, Malpais seemed to attracted all ages with the mass appeal of their music and songs. Concerts were filled with a mix of fans, including the under 25 set which was a surprise for the group. Looking back, the group felt that 2004 was their year, with concerts and the release of their second album, this group was on the rise, attracting fans to their music characterized as a combination of folklore, calypso, jazz, easy listening and romantic overtures influenced by the Latin culture… truly unique.

Tributes continue to pour in for Fidel Gamboa who’s funeral was on Tuesday after an impromptu all night vigil held by grieving fans and Costa Ricans. Social media quickly posted tributes to the unique individual who was not only a musician but a quiet social activist who valued and treasured the environment.


Costa Rica lost one of its treasures this week but the sound and feel of Fidel Gamboa and his group Malpais will live on in the music and the atmosphere created by Gamboa and his fellow group members. Rest in peace Mr. Gamboa, you will truly be missed!



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