Hurricane Irene Spares Costa Rica Hurts New York

Hurricane Irene New YorkFor the city that never sleeps, New York City has become a ghost town as Hurricane Irene makes her way up the eastern coast of the United States, with the potential to reach the Canadian coast.

With minimal effect on Costa Rica, the story is quite different for those waking up in New York City and surrounding boroughs who are experiencing heavy rains and powerful winds. New Yorkers were limited to what and where they could go on Saturday with the subway system closing at noon to ensure residents and people where taking the warnings seriously. Mayor Bloomberg ordered the historic shutdown of the subway to prevent people from coming into Manhattan. The next stage depending on the circumstances and strength of the storm will be the decision to shut down power to the low lying areas of Manhattan and New York City.

New York Sleeps as Irene Arrives

As boardwalks flood and street water levels rise, Tropical Storm Irene as she is now being referred to has resulted in the world seeing a completely different side of New York City – one without people on the streets. The city that never sleeps has gone to bed, leaving areas such as Times Square and entertainment districts such as Broadway with the lights dimmed!

Hurricane IreneCosta Rica and its residents are familiar with storms of such capacity and understand the repercussions of heavy winds and heavy rains. It appears that the residents of New York City have taken all the warnings to heart and have left for higher ground! What effects this now tropical storm will have on this vibrant city, only time will tell!


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