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Costaricacloseup Digimag August 2011Exclusive Interview with Love In The Wild Contestants!

CostaRicaCLOSEUP brings you exclusive candid interviews with the Love In The Wild Contestants. The final episode of NBC’s Love in the Wild tv reality adventure dating show will air this evening (August 17th) and everyone is waiting with anticipation as to the who the lucky couple will be. To salute these contestants who have braved the jungles of Costa Rica, rafted through crocodile infested waters, hung from suspension bridges, battled bats in caves and paddled, canoed and looked for Mambo CostaRicaCLOSEUP is excited to release their first edition of their DigiMag digital magazine featuring some of the great contestants of season one of this fantastic dating show.

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Before the winners are announced tonight, we are excited to invite you to read our digital magazine. Some of your favorite contestants are featured including Vanessa Guerrero, Jessica DeBolt, and Samantha Woods (a finalist in tonight’s episode). We can’t forget some of the great male contestants and we will spotlight Skip Sullivan, Adam Rose and Miles Haefner – who has a chance to win it all with his partner Heather Pond tonight.

Let’s give a round of applause to this great group of young people. Clearly relationships have be made and the memories of being on such a fantastic adventure in beautiful Costa Rica will never be forgotten! Congratulations to all the contestants on NBC’s Love in the Wild, the dating tv reality adventure show that gave us great entertainment this summer….. can’t wait for Season 2.

SECOND LINK (in case you missed the first) :)  http://flipflashpages.uniflip.com/2/57848/103704/pub/


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About the Author: Tee is Senior Editor of CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com and NBC's adventure dating series fans magazine LoveInTheWildFansMag.com, as well ascontributing editor to QRCodesUSA.org

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