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Love in the Wild Episode 7 Couples Choice Ceremony Changeup

Love in the Wild Last Three CouplesThe last two couples who will compete for the winning prize in the finale of  NBC”s Love in the Wild were determined on this second to last episode with  some interesting twists and turns. The Love in the Wild contestants gave it their all in hopes of continuing on to be the winning couple.

The episode started out with three couples, Sam and Mike, Heather and Miles and Skip and Theresa. After professing their love, lust and affection for their partners on camera, it was onto the challenge. With a bit of instruction from the host Darren McMullen, (whose involvement in this show was very minimal – needed to see more of this great guy) the teams were off but not before Darren hinting that the Couples Choice Ceremony would be very different than the previous ceremonies, resulting in some worried looking faces from all the Love in the Wild contestants.

In this week’s challenge, the teams were taken out of the jungle  and had the opportunity to experience the beaches and surrounding waters of the Limon region of Costa Rica. On paddle boards, using their water skills, the contestants were required to find 5 bags of gold which were hidden and required to be found by a map indicating the locations. The bags were located in various areas, with the contestants paddling to the different locations, including one bag underwater which required some minimal diving skills. After a short adjustment period, the teams managed to get into a rhythm and paddle away!


Miles, the self confessed poor swimmer knew that the challenge would be a challenge for  him and although he and Heather started out slow, they managed to get into a good rhythm. Even with a lifejacket, Miles seemed to put his heart and sole into winning this episode.  Sam and Mike were remembering the last time they were in the water,  not one of their best moments on the series. To everyone’s surprise, Skip and Theresa managed to come out of the gate fast and strong and were in the lead up until disaster struck.

The challenge involved collecting bags of coins along the way and unfortunately at the point where the contestants should have had four bags, Skip and Theresa who had a pretty substantial lead realized they only had 3 bags. Somewhere along the way, one bag was lost, forcing them to retrace some of the course. This gave Sam and Mike whose disadvantage was the paddling, placing them in second at this point, the opportunity to make up some time and actually surpass Skip and Theresa.  Heather and Miles also took advantage of the lost bag situation and who at this point were in third, managed to pull into second spot.

This setback with Skip and Theresa ultimately resulted in them placing in last place with Sam and Mike in first and Heather and Miles in second. After some crying by Theresa for losing the bag, Skip and Theresa decided to take it easy, knowing they didn’t have a chance to come in any other last than last.  Unfortunately the standings only confirmed that Sam and Mike were destined for the Oasis and a surprise cruise along Arenal Lake but it did not prevent them from elimination……… as Darren hinted at the beginning and now disclosed. The placing of the couples would depend on the number of points earned from answering personal questions regarding from each couple…. like the Newlywed Game.


Love In The Wild Newlywed GameOf course Sam and Mike answered the questions, a it was a little bit boring, guaranteeing them a spot in the finale. The other two couples, Skip and Theresa and Miles and Heather answered a few questions incorrectly, including Theresa answering a question with an answer not even on the radar (Skip response was priceless, delicately asking Theresa what she was thinking, showing for the first time in the entire season some frustration with Theresa). Although Miles and Heather were generally in sync with their answers, they missed a few and it was a close call between Theresa and Skip for the second spot. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

In the end, despite being eliminated, Skip and Theresa appear to have made a bond and enjoyed themselves on this journey. For them it may have not been all about winning but enjoying the experience. For the remaining two couples, these Love in the Wild contestants will have to give it their all next week as the winners of the first season of NBC’s Love in the Wild dating tv reality show will be determined. Stay tuned, it’s going to be great!


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About the Author: Tee is Senior Editor of CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com and NBC's adventure dating series fans magazine LoveInTheWildFansMag.com, as well ascontributing editor to QRCodesUSA.org

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