“Love in the Wild” Episode 5 Recap

Love in the Wild

The 5th episode of NBC’s dating reality show “Love in the Wild”  was a little disappointing and did not live up to the hype of the clips that were played of the show but what was interesting was a mandatory couple’s changed forcing the couples to change their partners just after getting back with the ones they loved.

As the couples were gathered with their respective partners from the last Couple’s Choice Ceremony, Darren McMullen, the under utilized host of Love in the Wild gave the contestants a little surprise, forcing the couples to switch partners. Just when everyone was feeling comfortable again, no more Theresa and Skip, their lusty relationship now severed, …… Mike and Sam broken apart (you know how crazy Mike gets)……. Erica and Steele separated, Brandee and Ben……. cut down the center and of course, Miles and Heather the star crossed lovers who just got back together, parted for another challenage….and the switch would remain for the night… so the new partnerships had to spend the night together.

Mike had to relinquish Sam to Ben……….. this girl we know would not take any nonsense from the nasty Ben. Heather had the pleasure of competing with the cursed Steele. The only thing on her mind was that she would be going home as she was partnered with the contestant who always came in last. Skip was partnered with Jess  which ended up being a good thing for him and his beauty Theresa ended up with Mike…. an okay pairing. Erica and Derek were paired up. Miles ended up with Brandee….. a pairing that had a few challenges.

The first challenge, proved to be the most difficult for Miles and Brandee as they struggled to get the combination right on the lock which would lead them to the next clude. Brandee did not make any effort and wondered what kind of a man couldn’t figure out how to open a combination lock. They immediately fell way behind the pack.

The most interesting re-pairing of contestants certainly was between Sam and Ben. Surprisingly Ben realized that he could not be abusive to sam and  was on his best behavior with her, leading viewers to think that maybe he wasn’t such a jerk after all…… but by the end of this episode, viewers were back in touch with reality realizing that a leopard doesn’t charge his spots.

The next part of the challenge showcased one of the more exhilarating adventure experiences in Costa Rica, rappelling beside a waterfall. While everyone was onto the next challenge,  Miles and Brandee managed to open the combination lock.


“Love in the Wild” Derek Goes Down!

The challenges, including the rappelling have built excitement amongst the couples. Even Ben is keeping in check…. being a a normal guy for a change. I guess Sam is the type of girl who doesn’t allow the Ben types to get to her. As the next stage of the adventure progresses, disaster strikes. Derek being Superman, manages to drop a heavy wooden icon on his foot and it’s toast for him. With a bad foot and being the champion that he is, he manages to get to the finish line…. even with a potentially broken toe, he is able to finish the race but immediately seeks medical attention.

Skip and Jess are destined to finish first but let Sam and Ben pass them…. Skip wants to save the moment of the Oasis for Theresa and with Jess already experiencing the beautiful accomodations and her mind pre-occupied with Derek’s condition to care really about much.  Darren is hilarious when he lets Sam and Ben know that they are destined for a great night of passion and intimacy. We can’t but help laughing knowing that that will never happen… although Ben seems to think in his mind that there may be a slight chance. Wishful thinking Ben!

In the end, Miles and Brandee come in last, Erica is left by herself (Derek is off to the hospital), Jess is in pieces worrying about Derek and Skip and Theresa sneek away to be together. These two seem to have the right idea, not taking life too seriously and enjoying each others company!

With no romance to be found, Ben and Sam enjoy the hot tub at the Oasis and drink up until Sam decides she has had enough and wants to go to the cabins to enjoy Mike’s company. Ben is disappointed, still thinking he had a chance with Sam.

Brandee feels left out when Sam and Ben arrive, Sam immediately bee lines  it towards Mike while Ben ignores Brandee completely. Enough is enough for Brandee who leaves the party…. with Ben calling after her and resorting to calling her stupid.  Miles sums up Ben’s behavior calling him a “dick”.

To find out what happened in this episode’s Couple’s Choice Ceremony…. Stayed tuned to CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com … clearly one of the most interesting ceremony’s to date on NBC’s “Love in the Wild”, the dating tv reality show filmed in beautiful Costa Rica!



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