“Love in the Wild” Episode 4 Recap

Love in the Wild Jason with Horse

Episode 4 of NBC’s  “Love in the Wild” did not disappoint as there were spots of  blurred nudity scenes, Jason Jackson’s threats of punching horses and of course Jessica Soares declaring someone lost in the sauce.

After the weekly shuffle of couples, Steele and his new partner, the plotter, Erica who is a bit difficult to figure out, expressed her sadness about Kym leaving the show last week but it wasn’t very sincere with Erica jumping at the chance to be partnered with Steele.

Derek was looking to break up the cozy couples and is developing a reputation for disturbing the peace as he suggested to Skip that he had his eye on Samantha and is looking to shake it up a bit. More importantly, this guy is not very sensitive and  makes his intentions known in front of his partner Jess who appears to be a little pissed off. Clearly disregarding Jess, he tells her that they can “circle back” if things don’t work out with Sam. Perhaps Derek is not aware of the fact that he is looking for love and not looking to win Survivor!

Theresa who we haven’t heard or seen very much up until this point plays the role of the messenger in this episode. She let Mike and Sam know Derek’s intentions who immediately go into a panic. Sam has the look of a worried wart look throughout the episode.

Again Ben words did not disappoint and he seems to be unaware that his comments are not funny but hurtful. Brandee should have spotted his bad ways right from the beginning. Their relationship is not fun or funny for that matter. His harsh comments towards her show that he does not respect her. Not once have you seen him be sincerely nice to her.

“Love in the Wild” Curse of Steele DeWald

As usual Steele had problems with the challenge and if it wasn’t for Erica, he would still be searching for the ladder. He appears to lose all logic when a challenge begins.  What was up with him when he ran towards a ladder that Mike was running towards, then ran away in the opposite direction. This left Mike shaking his head wondering what the heck was going on. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

The challenge was nothing to write home about,  with very little skill or thinking required yet poor Jason managed to screw it up. In the midst of all his chatter he somehow managed to let loose of his horse who he proceeded to let know that it was uncooperative and that he would like to punch it. This gentle guy clearly let the challenge get the best of him. He later had a bit of an emotional meltdown acknowledging that none of the female contestants wanted to pursue a relationship with him. He even appeared to cry, shedding a tear or two.  To make matters worse, his partner Jessica was unappreciative of any of his efforts and in the end made her intentions known that she was not going to stick it out with Jason, she needed to move on.

As in the previous episode, Derek and Jess came in first, spending another night at the Oasis which was filled with champagne and topless massages……. the first shadowing of nudity on the show. Clearly Jess has made a connection with Derek, but is it mutual or is Derek just “feeling” things out!

In the meantime, Steele and Erica plotted how to continue on in the show. As they came in last, Erica suggested that Jess pick Steele while Ben was subliminally suggested to pick Erica. These two are right for each other. Can’t wait for Erica to tell Steele to Shut UP!

Lost in the sauce Jason Jackson Love in the Wild

In the end, nasty Jessica and sad Jason went home. Sad for Jason but definitely not sad for Jessica.  Jessica was rejected by Steele. He decided not to follow the play he and Erica agreed to. Jessica’s departure was not sad and in a way, she was now lost in her own sauce.

The next episode promises to involve more drama with clips showing an ambulance  and promise of a couple’s shakeup. Tune into NBC on Wednesday nights to watch “Love in the Wild”



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