Recap: Love in the Wild Season 1 Episode 3

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This week’s episode of NBC’s dating tv reality show Love in the Wild, filmed in Costa Rica again challenged its contestants and gave viewers more things to laugh at, scream and and of course make comments about. As more episodes air, the viewers have a chance to root for the favorites and boo the ones they hate. Added into this week’s episode – the snakes!

Having to paddle down Lake Arenal, the viewers caught a glimpse of beautiful Costa Rica. The show challenge pitted the couples against the elements, having them paddle to and from their destination. This made for great entertainment as some couples struggled to navigate their canoes while others struggled to get in and out of their canoes. After crossing the lake, the couples had to find a treasure chest and carry it back to their canoes and then back to where they started from, with the chest in their canoes. Most of the men stepped up and carried the chests solo, leaving the ladies to walk back without stress or strain.

Not to disappoint, Ben was in usual form, making his usual nasty comments, asking Brandee, who had already made him breakfast for his birthday if she would jump out of a cake for him in the nude. As if breakfast in bed wasn’t good enough for this guy!

Erica who was pleased with picking Miles again, didn’t seem to have the opportunity to talk with him as they spent most of the time paddling, paddling and paddling. Derek and Jess who are both fearful of heights didn’t have to face their fear this time and actually excelled at the challenge, coming in first too boot!

Much to the surprise of the viewers, Sam and Mike had their first fight and they didn’t make up during the challenge. Sometimes it’s like real life kids, we don’t make up very quickly! The little blimp in the road only made their relationship stronger.

Steele and Kim were trucking along, right behind Derek and Jess. Skip and Theresa seem to make everything seem so effortless while looking so good. These two peacocks are adorable! This week’s episode showed there was trouble in paradise between Mike and Sam who experienced communication problems, forcing them to double back. Truth is, they were hating each other throughout the challenge, only to reconcile the next day.


This time the ceremony interesting with most couples switching. Wanting to stay with Steele, Kym was hoping that Steele also wanted to stay with her. That did not happen. Steele wanted to explore and decided to pick Erica. Despite all her efforts, Kym was left in the vulnerable position.


No surprises, Theresa and Skip and Samantha and Mike stayed together. Brandee who must be a saint, also stayed with her partner Ben, who was not as obnoxious as in previous episodes. Miles reconnected with Heather, Derek and Jess planned strategically to stay together to advance to the next round.  Despite winning the challenge and having their choice of partners, Derek and Jess decided to stick it out again for another round, despite some trepidation on Derek’s part. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

Sadly, one of the most popular contestants, through the process was eliminated. Kym and her fellow Bostonian Adam were left standing last, eliminated from the group. Surprisingly, these two were paired up in the previous episode. Had they stayed together would they have had another opportunity to find Love in the Wild.

Watch the next episode on Wednesday July 20th to see what challenges face the seven remaining couples as they try to find Love in the Wild, NBC’s dating tv adventure reality show, shot in the jungles of Costa Rica.


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