Episode #2 Love in the Wild Comments in Costa Rica Get Better!

Costa Rica Love In the Wild

The second episode of NBC’s dating tv reality show Love in the Wild, filmed in Costa Rica was full of interesting comments and observations made by the contestants. Do they think that viewers are not paying attention? For some interesting laughs and giggles, make sure you read the post!

1. ”Special kinda person to like me long term” - Ben actually voices what we are all thinking… the problem is that he really doesn’t seem to think his personality and behaviour is a problem. Will Brandee think the same thing or run for the hills as did Heather???

2. In the fall the leaves turn and fall…. I just figured out why they call it fall…”

Steele is a genius…. simply a genius!

3. Ben and Brandee at the start of the second challenge looking for the tether way up in the trees, ”we look like too little lost puppy dogs, are you looking already.”

4. Jessica is impatient with Derek on the suspension bridge, ”If you act like a girl – I probably don’t want anything to do with you”.

5. Derek’s response to Jessica brisk walk along the the suspension bridge, ”You gotta slow down dude.”

6. Heather to Miles, ”I had a blond moment even though I am a brunette” realizing that she said something pretty stupid.

7. Jessica to Derek when they can’t find their way, “look like two dumb assess, lost in the sauce.”, the question is what type of sauce????

8. Skip and Theresa talk about each other, “all beauty, no brains, Theresa to Skip, that’s okay, I have the brains, I’m a lot smarter than I look.” Really or are you both flying under the radar.

9. Erica and Jason reach an understanding, ”I annoy you, you annoy me.” A true summary of that relationship!

10. Kym about Adam’s food obsession, “Have to get through the rest of the day without pulling out my hair.” Kym Adam is great, you will regret what you just said!

A youtube video of some of these comments brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com can be viewed at:


Don’t forget to watch NBC’s dating tv reality show Love in the Wild, filmed in Costa Rica on Wednesday nights for more comments from these great contestants!



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