Love in the Wild Explosive #2 Episode

Costa Rica Love in the Wild

The second episode of NBC’s dating tv reality show Love in the Wild filmed in Costa Rica proved to be more exciting than the first episode, leaving viewers with an unexpected twist at the Couple’s Choice Ceremony.

The couples began the episode with a challenge that forced them to be tethered (tied together) as they completed the challenges. This immediately caused a problem for Erica who was tied to Jason. Her constant complaining that she could not walk, that “she needed her ankles” added fuel to an already tense situation. The challenge was to see how couples could work together, and clearly from the start, Erica was not the bonding type.

Kym and Adam seemed to breeze through the challenges, enjoying working together. Ben on the other hand, with his new partner, seemed to blame everything that could go wrong on his patient partner Brandee. Jessica joined the ranks of Erica, who also showed a lack of patience when it came to Derek’s fear of heights. Jessica basically stated that if you are going to act like a girl, you were not for her! Derek completed the challenge, much to the lack of patience by his partner. A view of what Derek faced can be seen in this video clip. For those who are afraid of heights, this can be intimidating.


Skip and Theresa seemed to breeze through the challenges as did Sam and Mike without incident or argument,. Perhaps this is an indication of things to come for these two couples!

In the end, the standings were as follows;

1. Kym and Adam

2. Jess and Peter

3. Brandee and Ben

4. Theresa and Skip

5. Sam and Mike

6. Erica and Jason

7. Heather and Miles

8. Vanessa and Steele

9. Jessica and Derek

What happened next, you’ll have to stay tuned to CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com for the next post…the Couple’s Choice Ceremony was explosive and left someone or two unexpectedly going home!


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