NBC’s Love in the Wild Hits The TV Screens from Costa Rica

Costa Rica Love In The Wild

The new dating tv reality show Love in the Wild filmed in the Arenal, La Fortuna regions of Costa Rica has hit the tv screens in North America and has everyone talking about this new show.

The show puts ten women and ten men who have never met together in the jungles of Costa Rica and through adventure challenges, the couples either make or break it. The winner of the challenge has the opportunity to stay with their current partner or switch it up with someone else who they are looking to find a connection.

In the first episode, with only looks to choose their partners, Dawn was the first to choose and chose Jared, a choice that would prove detrimental to her. Vanessa and Steele paired up together and seemed to work well together, despite Steele loosing an important map to carry out the required challenge. Jessica chose Skip while Erica chose Miles because she thought he was interesting. Kym picked Derek, while Samantha picked Mike who seemed to hit it off right from the start. Brandee, a mental health specialist picked Adam from Boston. Jess picked Jason and Heather and Ben were paired together. With only two contestants remaining, Theresa was paired with Peter, something she didn’t seem to happy about, considering he was far from her ideal choice in a man. Peter was definitely not tall, dark or a businessman type!

The challenge proved the most challenging for Dawn and Jared who between them could not build a raft if their lives depended on it. This seemed to set the tone for this couple who seemed to struggle through the jungles of Costa Rica. Sam and Mike, the couple with the instant connection seemed to breeze through the first challenge without a hitch, eventually coming in first.

Ben showed himself to be the villain on the show with his obnoxious behavior including an unnecessary rate on his partner Heather. The two could think of no reason not to separate and when they had the chance, they did just that. As part of one of a series of challenges in e8/this episode, there was the requirement to kiss, resulting in the funniest reaction from Theresa. In her own works, she did’t know what was worse, being high in the sky or having to kiss Peter. I think the later was more difficult for Theresa to handle, despite being aftraid out heights.

Love in the Wild Couple’s Choice Costa Rica Drama

In the end, Sam and Mike one the challenge and were rewarded with a night at the luxury accommodations, the Oasis. The others were required to return to their cabins and prepare for the Couple’s Choice Ceremony, allowing them to switch or stay with their partners. Interestingly enough all the couples seemed to want a change, except for Steele and Vanessa who we found out made a deal to go together to the next round. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

The losers of the first challenge proved to be the ones who would not continue to the next episode. With all their challenges and lack luster, Dawn and Jared were forced to leave, not just because the came in last but because no one wanted them as partners, despite Steele expressing some interest in Dawn.


The new couple pairings include Ben choosing Brandee (with her miraculously accepting), Heather getting rid of that nasty Ben, this time choosing Miles, a from all appearances, nice guy. Adam picked Kym, two Bostonians hooking up together. Peter picked Jess while Jessica picked Derek. Erica picked the gentle Jason and Steele and Vanessa kept their deal.

With every episode, the challenges will test the contestants on this new tv dating reality show Love in the Wild which was filmed in Costa Rica. Stayed tuned to see what future episodes bring to these young men and women looking for Love in the Wild!



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