Costa Rica Asociacion obras del Espiritu Santo Orphanage

Costa Rica Father Sergio

Located in one of the worst suburban neighborhoods of  San Jose, Costa Rica, and established by Father Serigo, a local Catholic priest, children in this orphanage  come from a variety of backgrounds.  From being abused, to children of drug dealers and prostitutes, these children have not asked  for a life in an orphanage yet some how they make such a place their home.

Usually when you think of an orphanage, you think of a dark and dreary place with crying children and depressive surroundings but this is not the case at Asociacion obras del Espiritu Santo. The children make this a good place. With most unaware of what their parents are doing, these youngsters make the best of a bad situation with  joy and laughter. They are not interested in the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets but make do with what is provided and enjoy what they have. -brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

The Asociacion obras del Espiritu Santo www.obrasdelespiritusanto.org has evolved into a organization focused on social welfare of the residents of the “red zone” of San Jose. The organization is determined to provide human dignity through spiritual, psychological and physical support to those who would otherwise not have any opportunity. The goal is to develop some sense of self for individuals who would otherwise be lost or trapped in circumstances that are not conducive to survival let alone a quality of life.

Costa Rica Spirit Captured by Jaymar Photography

Recently, Jaymar Photography of Altanta captured some of the best images of this tough neighborhood of Costa Rica including some of the images in the orphanage. The photographer has since posted them online at http://blog.dubtastic.com and is selling the images with all profits going directly to the Asociacion obras del Espiritu Santo. The photos are not just of children but those who live in the region. Perhaps doing with out something for the week and contributing those funds to the purchase of some of these images is a project for families to undertake. Again, with all proceeds going directly to the orphanage, how can you go wrong!



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