Miley Cyrus in Costa Rica, One Sleep Away

Miley Cyrus Costa Rica

With one sleep to go, Miley Cyrus and her Gypsy Heart Tour will roll into Costa Rica. Are fans excited? You Bet!The Gypsy Heart tour kicked off in Ecuador on April 29, 2011 making its way across Latin America including Costa Rica, before it leaves for the Philippines and Autralia. With a last minute change to the venue in Bogota, from the Parque Simon Bolivar to the Coliseum Cubierto El Campin, Miley Cyrus will have one day to rest and prepare before her concert at the new National Stadium in Costa Rica.


Miley Cyrus Next Stop Costa Rica

Miley Cyrus has been travelling with a  staff of 50 including a yoga instructor, nutritionist and stylists not to mention back-up dancers and singers. In additon her mother Tish has been present as well as some of her friends. During their stop in Brazil, time was made for relaxing and enjoy the sites and sounds of this beautiful part of Latin American.

Returning to Twitter after a publicized boycott, the social media forum has been home to many tweets by Miley as her tour progresses through Latin America. Comments from Miley have been positive except for her tweet regarding the paparazzi in Brazil. She has expressed the love for all the countries she performed in and it appears from her comments that Latin America has made an impression on the young star. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

Miley Cyrus in Costa Rica will be an event for fans to “Party in the USA” as they know that Miley “Can’t be Tamed” during her Gypsy Heart Tour!


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