Surf the Rain in Costa Rica

Surf Costa Rica

With the rainy season upon Costa Rica, the natural question is “Can You Surf in the Rain?” The answer is that it is possible but with some many Costa Rica adventures awaiting, do you really want to?

Costa Rica has two major season’s – dry and rainy. The dry season runs from January to May while the rainy season is from May to November and December. In addition, most of the rainfall will fall within a specific time period, resulting in some cases in landslides.  In addition, the rainy season varies depending on the region, with the Caribbean side experiencing the wettest months in July and November. On the Pacific side, despite being called the rainy season, most days begin with the sun, with rain falling later in the days.

Costa Rica ” Green” Season Draws Tourism

There are benefits of visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season, now re-branded as the “Green” season to continue attracting tourists, which include; crowds are gone, prices have been halved and there are just as many sunny days as there are rainy days and the great part is that it doesn’t rain all the time.  There are areas that can get wet. The Osa Peninsula gets a lot of rain in September and October, which can make for difficult travel. The sun also sets earlier, making the days seem a bit shorter.

The benefit of travelling during the “Green” season is in fact that Costa Rica becomes an extremely lush looking country, more so than during the dry season. In addition to its lushness, fruits become abundant, flowers are in full bloom and of course the country comes alive with wildlife.

The rain is predictable with bright sunny mornings usually lasting to mid afternoon, followed by rain showers which continue through the day or stop suddenly after a short time period. This predictability gives dedicated surfers an opportunity to get their surf in.  The benefits of surfing during this time is less crowded beaches, providing surfers a chance to be one with the wave. – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com

So as you embark on your trip to Costa Rica during the “Green” season, remember to pack some essentials; an umbrella, some waterproof shoes and your surfboard, all necessary items you will require to surf Costa Rica. Remember to hold on tight to that umbrella as you catch the next wave!


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About the Author: Tee is Senior Editor of CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com and NBC's adventure dating series fans magazine LoveInTheWildFansMag.com, as well ascontributing editor to QRCodesUSA.org

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  1. The “Green” season is my favorite time of the year! My family and i have lived in Costa Rica for three years now and look forward to the rainy months. Nothing beats the smell of flowers after a hard rain. Everything around you comes alive and during the rainy season, the water tends to be very warm. And who cares if it is rainy when you are surfing – you are going to get wet anyway!

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