Surf Spills into Puntarenas Costa Rica

Puteranas Costa Rica

The past few days have been a little soggy for the residents of some parts of Puntarenas, Costa Rica who are currently under a bit of water. The high tide has resulted in flooding of the streets of Puntarenas and some evacuation according to the Red Cross.

Some businesses have been affected including parts of the Central Market, El Carmen and Barrio El Cocal. The heavy swells have flooded the  streets leaving vehicles stranded as they wait out the waves.  The commercial area has been mostly affected with several buildings experiencing flooding and damage as a result.

No Notice Provided by Costa Rica Surf Swells

The swells seemed to have arrived quickly, giving little notice or time for evacuation. Although common in this area, this particular surge provided little time for residents and businesses to prepare. Many cars passing through the port had to maneuver to avoid water heights of a meter in the streets. In addition, the Red Cross was actively caring for individuals who were caught in the unannounced swells.

Looking at the projected tide levels, it is expected that the region will be under high tide until April 30th, with lifeguards remaining on alert as the waves reach up to 3 meters in height. Although exciting in terms of surfing, such conditions can be dangerous as well, and it is important to remain cautious when taking on such challenging conditions as you tackle these surf swells in Puntarenas Costa Rica – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com


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