Barrel of Monkeys in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Monkeys

With its lush rainforest Costa Rica is home to four species of monkeys that are native to this country and watching these unique species is a popular tourist adventure for those visiting Costa Rica. The Capuchin monkey, Howler monkey, Squirrel monkey, and Spider monkey are all native to Costa Rica and depending on where you are visiting in Costa Rica, the forest canopy is home to these unique and intriguing species.

The Capuchin or white faced monkey is considered to be the most intelligent monkey in Costa Rica. Named after the Capuchin Friars for the peak formed on their heads,  they look like the organ grinder’s monkey that we are familiar with in North America. Using their intelligence they are able to show use of logic, for example using sticks to reach fruit that would otherwise be unattainable. They inhabit many regions of Costa Rica and travel in bands of 30 to 40,  including the high altitude cloud forests in the Central Region where you can see them travelling in single file, as well as the mangroves of the Osa Peninsula.  Manuel Antonio has become home to this species of monkey who have become dependent on tourists feeding them.

The Howler monkey is the largest and of course the loudest species of monkey in Costa Rica. Known to produce a deep roar that can be heard from a few miles away, they live up to their name. They can be heard before sunrise and just after sundown. The sound is created by a bony sound box in its throat. The family units are composed of five to up to twenty monkeys with the females having several relations with the males.

Funky Monkey in Costa Rica

Known as the most colorful monkey the Squirrel monkey  has orange gold hands, feet and back. Their shoulders and legs are olive green and its head is capped in black. About a foot in length with large eyes and small ears, this monkey is intelligent with one of the largest brains in the monkey species. As one of the rarest and most endangered breed of monkey in Costa Rica they usually travel in bands and feed on insects, fruits and the occasional bird. This species is also   a woman’s dream, carrying his offspring on his back. The spider monkey is the most common species of monkey found in Costa Rica. Endearing in appearance with their black faces, hands and feet and rusty colored bodies, they have a secret weapon, their tails. Longer than their heads and body combined, the tail functions as another arm, aiding in swinging in trees, collecting water and picking fruit.  These monkeys are extremely expressive and are animated communicating with whines, barks and screeches.

Stop monkeying around and take in a tour of these unique and intriguing mammals. There are many options to see these beautiful species in there natural habitat in Costa Rica – brought to you by CostaRicaCLOSEUP.com


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