Blow Away Your Costa Rica Vacation with GoPro Video Helmetcam

Gopro Hero HD Surf Camera

Bring Back Costa Rica Travel Memories Like Never Before!

Seeing adventure travel in Costa Rica as if you’re there is made possible by a new HD wearable video camera from GoPro.com – it literally places the viewers in the action! This camera can mount on a surf board, mountain bike, ATV, helmet, automobile and on an extensible arm to showcase the videographer in real life, in first person action.

See and feel the Action as if You’re There

This means that you can literally see what the surfboarder sees – the waves coming up, through the pipe and spectacular airtime. Point-of-view cameras such as GoPro’s HDHero revolutionize the sense of perspective in action sports. There is no better way to showcase adventure tours in Costa Rica than through this little technological marvel. It’s expected to become a must have for travellers the world over.

Specifications are impressive – up to 1080p video quality, 170 degree wide angle field of view, professional sound capability, 32GB SD memory capable, 5MP auto photo mode, and waterproof to 180’ / 60 m. There is also an optional battery BacPac that attaches to the back of the camera and nearly doubles video and time-lapse photo record times to over 5 hours, as well as being a standalone charger. The price starts at $179, so it’s a no brainer for those coming to Costa Rica to film their adventures.

Perfect for capturing Costa Rica Adventure Sports

GoPro.com is a US company that makes the small high-definition cameras to be worn during adventure sports and has built up a presence on YouTube with customer videos – the GoPro channel has over 100 videos including surfing, skiing, motocross, auto sports and flight viewed over 24 million times. User generated videos add to the GoPro HDHero’s reputation as one of the most versatile cameras in the world.

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  1. Really a nice Idea to capture the summers vacations I’ll try this thanks for this Idea

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