Costa Rica the New Wine Frontier

Costa Rica’s First WineryCosta Rica Wine & Winery

Global wine making may expand with plans to build the first winery in CostaRica. Currently a site is being assessed to determine its suitability for a winery. Involved in the process is Kerry Damskey, a Napa Valley winemaker who was also involved in the development of a winery in Nashik, India called Sula Vineyards.

The hope is to produce a viticulture for Costa Rica. A site for growing has been identified and currently being assessed to determine growing capability at a 6,000 ft altitude. Mr. Damskey believes that there is an opportunity to grown grapes to support an international as well as domestic market and hopes to produce 15,000 cases a year. Specifically Kerry is looking at producing anamarone style of red wine.

Plan is to Plant Multiple Wine Varietals in Costa Rica

In December 2011, the plan is to plant Syrah, Grenache, Pionot Noir, CabernetSauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Rajeev Samant who is the CEO of Sula Wines in India and business partner of Kerry has been producing wine for the last 10 years in an area where most thought it was not possible to do so. Kerry is confident that the venture will be successful and notes that the growing conditions at his site are similar to those at his vineyard in the Napa Valley, the only variable being the altitude of the CostaRica potential vineyard.

The hope is to being the construction of the winery in 2012 with an initial output of wine in 2014. It’s time to raise a glass and toast to the success of an emerging viticulture in Costa Rica.

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  1. Definately looking forward to seeing success for this venture! Would love to add this product to those available in my store at the web site. Coffee from Costa Rica is wonderful. I cannot help but believe that grape vines and the wine from it will also be world class wine!

  2. Maritza Vega says:

    I agree with Mike above. I have been searching and researching for Costa Rica wines. I would love to stay in contact for this amazing beginning! If possible please keep us posted on the the development and time lines.

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