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Costa Rica business

Costa Rica is a country where businesses is thriving due to the  modern infrastructure , the ease of creating a company and low business taxes. In addition, the aim of the government is to attract high tech corporations to take advantage of the educated, computer literate workforce, making it relatively easy for companies to find a source of employees. Tthe cost of living is also low, with salary ranges of $200 USD per month for domestic employees, to $800 USD for university graduates.

Costa Rica is being transformed from a country which has been dependent on coffee, bananas to one that is focused on high tech telecommunications and microprocessor production. Outsourcing for companies is also growing to Costa Rica’s benefit. The Costa Rica government has made “free-trade zones” allowing foreign businesses to outsource their call centers in Costa Rica. In addition, the government has made it a policy to turn Costa Rica into the Silicon Valley of Latin America by attracting such corporations as GE, Microsoft and Acer.

The general steps to establishing a business in Costa Rica fall into these thumbnail guidelines. First you need to register your company with the Costa Rica Government.  Most choose to open a Ltd. company for business ease and this registration including legal fees falls in the range of $500-$800. The next step is to establish your base by buying or renting an office. Finally if you plan on having employees, they must be registered with the social security office of the government and you must pay their insurance. Not doing so can result in legal issues that you don’t want to be involved in.

But remember, just because you are in paradise doesn’t mean that setting up business in Costa Rica will result in success. As in every business opportunity there are highs and lows and in Costa Rica this is no different. What is different however is that you are in paradise regardless!


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