Captain Your Own 727 for the Night in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Resort 727

Deciding where to stay as you travel Costa Rica and you are looking for something a little different? Then look no more. Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica has an “hotel” that will be unforgettable.

Costa Rica resorts are all unique and different offering many different accommodations but what about staying on a 727 surrounded by the beauty of the jungle. A little different yes but definitely possible. Costa Verde has restored the fuselage of a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 into an exclusive hotel suite. The airframe was salvaged and transported with difficulty to its location in the jungle of Manuel Antonio, resting on a 50 foot high platform on the edge of the National Park.

The interior of the plane shell has been transformed into an exclusive 2bedroom hotel suite. Paneled in beautiful teak with hand carved furnishings the Boeing 727 has two suites. One suite is equipped with two queen sized beds while the other has one queen sized bed. Both suites come equipped with their own private baths, television, kitchenette and a terrace for ocean viewing. In addition, each suite is accessible by a private entrance that seems to rise above the surrounding jungle. The private terrace is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy viewing the toucans, monkeys and sloths.

The concept for the unique hotel was derived from an article in Forbes magazine which showcased the use of Boeing 727 airframes as hurricane-proof housing. The idea germinated into what is now a beautiful and unique form of hotel accommodation that will never be forgotten.

It is time to prepare your crew, get your luggage on board, flight instruction set to travel Costa Rica, destination Manual Antonio and the 727 fuselage accommodations.  For additional information, rates and  availability, visit http://www.costaverde.com.


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