Celebrating Dia de San Jose in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is officially a Roman Catholic country and many festivals and Costa Rica culture events celebrate the religious events of the Catholic faith. The majority of the population (approximately 69%) is Roman Catholic. Other religions do exist and they include Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist and Methodist. In certain areas, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Island and other religions are also practiced. In addition to Catholic churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and pagodas places of worship can be found in Costa Rica. Costa Rica culture is diverse but grounded in the Catholic faith.

March 19th is considered a national holiday celebrating the feast of St. Joseph, or Dia De San Jose (St. Joseph’s Day). Considered a national holiday in Costa Rica, many towns who have Joseph in their names celebrate their namesakes day. Specifically in San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, St. Joseph day is celebrated with parades, dancing and of course great food. Towns which carry the name of Joseph in their names will also host fairs and have special masses to recognize their patron saint. Costa Ricans take to the streets often dressed in traditional colorful garments of white, red and blue. Parades include music and dancing in the streets.

In addition to this feast day, Costa Ricans will prepare for Holy Week, which this year will fall on from April 16-April 22, 2011. Most businesses will close for the full week so when you travel during this time, know that most sites and tours will not be available during this week.

Costa Ricans enjoy celebrating their religious holidays and in addition to religious holiday celebrations, Costa Ricans always look for an excuse to celebrate good times. When travelling to Costa Rica, keep this in mind as you are bound to come across a celebration or two, with an opportunity to take in some fantastic Costa Rica culture.



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