Turtle Nesting

On the shores of the Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, this tour observes the nesting and egg laying process of several species of turtles including the leatherback and loggerhead. This is one of those amazing spectacles that cannot be missed when visiting Costa Rica. Leatherback turtles nest along this caribbean coast during the months of July through to October. At Las Baulas National Park in Guanacaste, the laying of eggs occurs from February to June. The Loggerheads which are a less common species nest in the caribbean during the summer months.Watching these beautiful creatures lay their eggs is mesmerizing and can only be witnessed during the night. Tours are arranged so that the species are not disturbed during their egg laying process. This egg laying is important to the continued survival of these turtles as only one in five thousand sea turtles reach adulthood.

To see a female sea turtle is spectacular. In many cases, the female Leatherback sea turtles can range in length up to six feet and can weigh up to a ton. To see these determined animals meticulously lay their eggs is unforgettable.

Once the eggs are buried, they hatch at night as the temperature is cooler and hundreds of hatchlingsfollow each other to the shoreline. Most males will live out their lives in the ocean and there will only be the opportunity to see the females again. This is not to be missed when visiting Costa Rica.


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