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Coffee Costa RicaWhen on your vacation in Costa Rica, you cannot forget your coffee.

Coffee has been a staple in most diets forever. The thought of having a great cup of coffee on your honeymoon in Costa Rica is not just a dream but a wonderful reality. Coffee has been an integral part of Costa Rican culture since the late eighteenth century. Over time, a group of coffee farmers grew and resulted in the basis of what we know to be the first Central American country to grow coffee as an industry.

Coffee was first exported from Costa Rica to Colombia. Chile followed closely then England. The result of this trade was the opportunity for Costa Ricans to pursue education in other countries It also brought wealth to the region which resulted in an increase the standard of living for people.

There are many types of Costa Rican Coffee and they are known by the regions that they come from.

Cafe Atarazu - comes from the Great Mountain Range Talamanca. Known as a religious area, close to the volcanic mountains of Dota, it is believed that the beliefs of the people in this region give the bean its unique taste. The beans in this area are harvested November through February and are of an exquisite aroma.

Cafe Buena Vista - grown in the Valle del General, this valley epitomizes the mountains of Costa Rica. The main city of the valley, San Isidro is one of the fastest growing cities, economically and agriculturally due to its coffee production. Harvested October through December, the bean grown in this area has a nice acidity and good body and aroma.

Cafe El Gran Vito - colonized by Italian immigrants in 1941, this city is home to coffee representative of those initial settlers. Strong yet light, these beans are harvested October through December.

Cafe La Carpintera – harvested November through February, La Carpintera Hill is ideal for producing the best quality of coffee bean. The soil in this area, in conjunction with a consistent climate year round, results in an exquisite body, aroma and acidity bean.

Cafe Ujarraci – grown near Cachi in the Reventazon River Basin, the land is very fertile, influenced by the Atlantic’s climate. These beans are popular with North Americans and Europeans. Harvested in October through December.

Cafe Zurqui – grown in one of the oldest plantation areas and harvested in the months of November through February, this area produces coffee with very good body and aroma, highly acidic but consistent in quality.

So when on your vacation in Costa Rica, don’t forget your coffee. There is a bean for almost everyone’s taste. It will be worth the plane ride. You’re bound to love it and will have to take some home.


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