Bird Watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bird WatchingBirding in Costa Rica is considered to be a birdwatcher’s dream come true. With over 800 species of fine feathered friends, theses species can be observed in their natural habitat which spans from sea level to the mountaintops. Species range for quetzals to hummingbirds. With areas dedicated to national parks and reserves, Costa Rica offers birding in its natural and undisturbed settings.

Costa Rica has ext bird life as it has such a varied habitat. There are beaches, swamps, rivers, rainforests and cloud forests. For example, the resplendent quetzal resides in the cloud forests of the Monteverde los Santos region while the scarlet macaw can be seen on the Osa Peninsula. In addition, Costa Rica is a migration destination for orioles, varbles and flycatchers.

Exciting guided tours and itineraries take you to wonderful locations where you are able to enjoy the best of birding and nature. Some of the lodges listed below will provide you with some great birding experiences.

1. Ecolodge San Luis and Biological Station which borders the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in the San Luis Valley in the northwest part of Costa Rica provides world-class birdwatching with knowledgeable and expert guides. With over 200 species of birds and diverse wildlife including ocelots and monkeys, this bio diverse research and educational facility has something for everyone. Guests can partake in walking tours, guided tours, horseback riding and night hikes to experience birding in a natural setting.

2. Mawamba Lodge is located on a sand bar between the Tortuguero Lagoon and the caribbean sea in Tortuguero National Park. With over 300 species of birds including manakins, green macaws, herons and hummingbirds as well as green sea turtles which emerge from the ocean to lay their eggs.

3. Rincon de la Vieja Mountain Lodge is home to over 200 species of birds, that can be observed by horseback.

4. Rara Avis Rain Forest Lodge and Reserve is home to over 240 species of birds. They include umbrella-birds, green macaws, toucans and parrots. Rara Avis was developed to show that the rainforest is economically productive. Rara Avis is a remote virgin jungle. This experience should not be missed as in addition to a large variety of bird species, this area is also home to anteaters, coatimundis and monkeys. This is a remote area of Costa Rica and has remained pristine because of its inaccessibility.


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