Chinatown Opens In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Chinatown redux officially opens in SanJose with support from Chinese and Costa Rican government – bravo to the new Barrio Chino

Costa Rica Athlete Wins Gold

Leonardo Chacon Corrales from Costa Rica has truly showen what the Olympics are all about with his Facebook post to Simon Whitfield.

Starbucks Opens In Costa Rica

Starbucks is open in Costa Rica. Will the franchise attract the customers it wants in order to succeed. Time will tell!

Theater In Jaco Beach Costa Rica

The Teatro Jaco in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica will be holding a comedy festival featuring productions from New York, Texas and San Jose from July 5th to July 28th, 2012.

Costa Rica Celebrates Father’s Day

Costa Rica and countries around the world are celebrating Father’s Day today with special events, get togethers and traditional presents.

Lady Gaga Costa Rica Bound?

Rumors are abound that Lady Gaga has reserved Costa Rica’s National Stadium in November, 2012 for a concert as part of her Born This Way Tour.